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Lung Health Foundation

When you pledge a gift in your Will you’re leaving a legacy that supports fellow Canadian’s ability to breathe.

  • Your Will. Your Legacy.

    Having an up-to-date Will is important to ensure your loved ones are supported and your wishes become reality. Without a valid Will the laws in your region of residence will decide how your assets are distributed and who should care for minor children or pets. Creating a Will gives you the peace of mind of a well thought-out plan.

    This important document can also be a powerful force for good. When creating a Will you can decide to support causes that are important to you.

    By adding a gift to your Will, you're deciding today to make a positive impact tomorrow, leaving a better world for generations to come.

    Are you considering creating or updating your Will? Let us help. There's no obligation to include a gift to Lung Health Foundation in your Will, but we hope you'll choose to do so.

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    Lung Health Foundation has partnered with Willfora, an online estate planning service, that helps you create or update your Will for FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my Will truly free?

    Yes. This service is for people with a simple family and financial situation. There may be cases where a Will generated online is not a fit. If you need legal advice or complex legal drafting, please contact a licensed lawyer.

  • How does it work?

    Simply click Start my Will above and follow the step-by-step guide to generate a personalized Will. Your progress is always saved so you can come back and edit your documents.

  • How will any gifts I leave to Lung Health Foundation be used?

    If you decide to leave a gift to Lung Health Foundation in your Will, when your future donation is received, Lung Health Foundation will use it towards the needs at that time to make the biggest impact on your behalf.

  • What if I change my mind on decisions I made in my Will?

    Not a problem! Your Will is yours to update and modify. Depending on how you create your Will through our partner Willfora, you can simply update your Will online or take your Will to a lawyer to modify.

Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact Amelia Pettit at [email protected]

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